Cambridge Cycling Club

About Us

Cambridge Cycling Club at the Old Spring pub at the turn of the Century

The Club was formed in 1901 resulting from a split with the East Chesterton Motorcycle Club. Much of the Club's history is long forgotten with only a few newspaper photgraphs remaining (photo courtesy of Mackays)

Currently the emphasis of the club is in providing activities for adult recreational and racing cyclists. We encourage riders who are less than 18 years old to look either to Cambridge Triathlon Club or Cambridge Junior Cycling Club


Clubruns are organised for members and prospective members, mainly on Sunday mornings but also on other occasions during the week, Go to our Clubruns page for more details.

Time Trials

Go to our Time Trials page for more details.

Ike Saul
Road Racing

Many of our members enter road races in our region. Annually, we organise our own road race known as the "Ike Saul" in memory of a former member. If you do not enter as a competitor we always appreciate help in running this event.

Here is a tribute to Ike Saul by James Ward.

Championships and Trophies

These are competed for annually with prizes being presented at the Annual Social in November.

Here are the Championships, the Trophies and the Past Winners.

Social Activities

During the pandemic with winter months approaching, social events are no longer being arranged.

Committee Meetings

The Committee consists of volunteer members who are elected annually at the AGM. Meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of each month. Members are welcome to attend these meetings.