Cambridge Cycling Club


If you enjoy, or think that you might enjoy, fast(ish), non-competitive and/or racing, Cambridge CC could be the club for you.

If you are less than 18 years old go to our Juniors page as the following applies to adults.

2015 Clubrun to Hunstanton

If you are thinking of joining our Club you are welcome to join us on Sunday Clubruns. As a minimum you should be capable of riding 40 miles at an average of 14mph whilst riding. (As this includes a café stop at half distance, you may consider this to be two rides of twenty miles).

We ask that you read our risk assessment before joining a ride.

There is more information on our Club Runs page. Alternatively contact our Club Runs Captain

British Cycling Ridesmart videos

Club Time Trials
TT rider

For those who are new to cycling and would like to try racing, we suggest starting with our summer evening club time trials. You don't need a time trial machine - use your road bike! There is more information on our Time Trials page. Alternatively contact our Time Trial Secretary

Here is a video on how to get started