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Club Records - as at 1st November 2020

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Juvenile, Junior and Senior - Solo, Tandem, 2-up and Trikes

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5 miles men SeniorJames Ward199311-4425.6
JuniorJames Ward199111-4825.4
JuvenileNik Hall198911-5225.2
Boys Nik Hall 198713-3022.2
5 miles women Seniorwaiting to be established
Junior Mandy Footman (now Hoskin)197414-5520.1
JuvenileJulie Thompson1975 15-05 19.9
GirlsJackie Harris197515-3019.4
10 miles men SeniorDavid McGaw201718-5831.6
JuniorTom Platts200621-0328.5
Juvenile Nik Hall 1989 21-04 28.5
BoysNik Hall198723-2925.6
10 miles womenSeniorRachel Horn200121-5427.2
JuniorRachel Wesley197826-4722.7
JuvenileRachel Wesley197826-47
GirlsRachel Wesley197826-47
10 mile Team (59-18) SeniorDavid McGaw201919-3330.4
10 mile Team (59-18)SeniorBen Redman201919-5030.4
10 mile Team (59-18)SeniorMartin Reynolds201919-5530.4
10 mile Team (1-15-36)JuniorTom Platts200622-5023.8
10 mile Team (1-15-36)JuniorSam O'Rourke200625-3623.8
10 mile Team (1-15-36)JuniorChris Hughes (U-14)200627-1023.8
15 miles men SeniorAdam Fisher201930-1229.9
JuniorTom Platts200636-0125.0
JuvenileNik Hall198936-3224.6
Boyswaiting to be established
15 miles womenSeniorHelen Eborall200839-2622.8
JuniorMandy Hoskin197445-2619.8
JuvenileMandy Hoskin197445-26
Girlswaiting to be established
15 mile Team (1-31-30)SeniorAdam Fisher201930-1229.5
15 mile Team (1-31-30)SeniorMartin Reynolds201930-3229.5
15 mile Team (1-31-30)SeniorHenry Moss201930-4629.5
25 miles men SeniorDavid McGaw 201749-0130.6
JuniorAdam Fisher200053-2628.1
JuvenileEddie Hoskin19821-00-0525.0
BoysStan Ayers19681-06-3522.5
25 miles womenSeniorRachel Horn200157-4126.0
JuniorAngela Joy (now Platt)19751-08-1921.9
JuvenileAngela Joy19731-12-1720.8
GirlsAngela Joy19731-17-0419.5
25 mile Team (2-32-19)SeniorDavid McGaw201950-1829.5
25 mile Team (2-32-19)SeniorMartin Reynolds201951-0029.5
25 mile Team (2-32-19)SeniorAdam Fisher201951-0129.5
30 miles men SeniorBob Watson (58)20181-01-4729.1
JuniorJames Ward19911-08-0426.4
JuvenileEddie Hoskin19811-17-4323.2
30 miles womenSeniorHelen Eborall20081-16-1823.6
Women's Junior and Juvenile waiting to be established
30 mile Team (3-08-18)SeniorBob Watson (V)20181-01-4728.7
30 mile Team (3-08-18)SeniorKen Platts (V)20181-02-5928.7
30 mile Team (3-08-18)SeniorColin Lizieri (V)20181-03-3228.7
50 miles men SeniorDavid McGaw20171-38-3030.5
JuniorNigel Fleet19821-57-2025.6
50 miles womenSeniorLucy Gossage20121-55-3925.9
Juniorwaiting to be established
50 mile Team (5-14-54)SeniorDavid Mcgaw20171-38-3030.5
50 mile Team (5-14-54)SeniorAndré Dyason20171-45-5028.3
50 mile Team (5-14-54)SeniorColin Lizieri20171-50-3427.1
100 miles men Ken Platts (59)20113-44-3326.5
100 miles womenLucy Gossage20143-56-2325.4
12 hours men Ken Platts (55)2007283.103miles23.6
12 hours womenLucy Rutter (now McTaggart)1990215.04 miles17.9
24 hours men Frank Brown1964446.65 miles18.6
Hill Climb menSeniorColin Chapman19741-25.4
JuniorJames Ward19901-36.0
JuvenileColin Chapman19701-38.6
Hill Climb womenSeniorJenny Ousey19771-54.6
JuniorJackie Harris19792-04.6
JuvenileJackie Harris19792-04.6
Track 1k TT Standing StartRob Cox 20061-13.41830.47
Track 3k Individual PursuitMark Fraser20023-53.04428.99
BAR men 25, 50 and 100 milesAndy Grant (66)201928.338
BAR women 25, 50 and 100 milesRachel Horn200124.776
BAR Junior * 2x10, 2x25 milesTom Platts200627.147
10 miles SeniorKen Platts (55) / Tom Platts200718-4731.9
Senior mixed Lol Berman / Rachel Horn200219-4130.5
Senior / JuniorKen Platts (54) / Tom Platts200619-2830.8
Senior / Junior mixedRichard Holmes / Natalie Speechley198923-2225.7
25 milesSeniorKen Platts (54)/ Tom Platts (J)200650-1729.8
Senior mixedLol Berman / Rachel Horn200154-0127.8
Senior / JuniorKen Platts (54) / Tom Platts200650-1729.8
30 miles Ken Platts (55) / Tom Platts20071-01-2729.3
50 miles Roy Clarke / John Lindsell19501-53-1726.5
100 miles Roy Clarke / John Lindsell19504-03-2924.6
12 hours Frank Buckingham / Percy T Carter1933235.75 miles19.6
2-UP **
10 miles Senior / SeniorDavid McGaw / Chris Brown201620-1129.7
Senior / JuniorGeorge Crammond / Mark Matthews200523-2325.7
25 miles Senior / SeniorDigby Symons / Doug Bradshaw200954-3127.5
Senior / JuniorMick Draper / Kim Joy197557-0226.3
Senior / JuvenileBob Jessop / Eddie Hoskin198259-1125.3
10 milesMick Draper199024-5424.1
25 milesKen Usher19951-05-2522.9
30 milesSam Gilbert19761-22-5521.7
50 milesKen Usher19952-12-2722.7
100 milesKen Usher19974-41-3821.3
12 hoursKen Usher1995237.00 miles19.8
24 hoursFrank Brown1963414.25 miles17.3

* Adam Fisher finished 1st in the CTC and 2nd in the National Junior BBAR in 2000 with 28.68mph, but not all his qualifying rides were as a member of CCC.

** For Tandems and 2-UP: Juveniles qualify up to 25 miles, Juniors qualify up to 50 miles.

There are many distances and combinations waiting to be set.

A Boy or Girl is under 14 on the day of the event. A Juvenile is under 16 on the day. A Junior remains a Junior until December 31st of the year in which the 18th birthday occurs.

To claim a record, send details of the event, date, time and distance either by email or post to: - Ken Platts, 7 Offa Lea, Newton, Cambridge CB22 7PW. Note that only rides done in Official CTT events or Cambridge CC club events qualify.

Vets - Solo, Tandem and Trikes
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All Time Vets Records pdf (as at 1 November 2020)

Current Vets records pdf

10 miles men 40David McGaw23.03.19E2/1019-3330.7+ 6-29
56Martin Reynolds (Current EA record)14.07.19F11/1019-3630.6+ 8-47
57André Dyason (Current EA record)22.07.17V71819-5330.2+ 7-27
62Ken Platts (Previous National and Current EA record)31.05.14E220-0529.9+ 7-46
65Andrew Grant (Current EA record)16.06.18F11/1020-0629.9+ 8-08
66Andrew Grant (Current National and EA Record)15.06.19F11/1020-0829.8+ 8-31
69Chris Dyason (Current EA record)02.09.17V71821-0228.5+ 7-50
70Chris Dyason (Current EA record)15.07.18F11/1021-4227.6+ 7-20
71Chris Dyason15.06.19F11/1021-4427.6+ 7-25
73Pete Baumber (Previous EA Record)14.08.04E2/1023-3225.5+ 9-30
78Pete Baumber (Previous EA Record)08.08.09E2/1024-0624.9+ 10-16
79Pete Baumber30.06.10B10/324-3624.4+ 10-02
82Peter Baumber20.06.13B10/325-1823.7+ 7-05
10 miles women 53Ann Shuttleworth14.09.19B10/3a23-3125.5+ 5-50
15 miles men 56Martin Reynolds (Current EA record)17.08.19F2/1530-3229.5+ 10-36
66Andrew Grant (Current National and EA Record)10.07.19B15/131-0728.9+ 11-39
67Andrew Grant (Current EA Record)05.09.20B15/132-0828.0
68Ken Platts05.09.20B15/133-4826.6
70Chris Dyason (Previous National and EA record)18.07.18B15/134-0026.5+ 9-51
71Chris Dyason24.03.19B15/235-4425.2+ 8-15
82Peter Baumber (Current EA record)03.07.13B15/139-3822.7+ 9-22
25 miles men 60Ken Platts (Previous National and Current EA Record)14.07.12E249-5730.0+ 20-24
65Andrew Grant (Previous National and Current EA Record)03.06.18R25/3H50-3729.6+ 21-21
66Andrew Grant (Current EA Record)23.06.19R25/3H52-4428.4+ 19-21
69Chris Dyason (Current EA record)26.08.17E2/2554-4627.4+ 18-51
70Chris Dyason08.09.18E2/2555-2927.0+ 18-37
71Chris Dyason06.04.19E2/2555-5126.9+ 18-19
72Chris Dyason02.08.20F1b/251-01-2924.4
75Pete Baumber24.06.06E2/251-02-1624.1+ 23-22
76Pete Baumber09.09.07E21-03-1023.7+ 23-07
79Pete Baumber04.09.10E2/251-04-1323.4+ 24-01
82Pete Baumber29.06.13E2/251-05-4622.8+ 17-20
25 miles women 52Ann Shuttleworth17.08.19E2/251-02-0624.2+ 12-11
30 miles men 58Bob Watson (Club Senior Record)22.09.18E2/30c1-01-4729.1+ 22-30
63Ken Platts (Previous National and Current EA Record)03.10.15 E2/301-02-2128.9+ 23-42
66Ken Platts (Current National and EA Record)22.09.18E2/30c1-02-5928.6+ 24-23
70Chris Dyason (Current National and EA Record)22.09.18E2/30c1-04-0228.1+ 25-29
71Chris Dyason20.06.19 B30/11-09-5625.7+ 19-36
72Pete Baumber08.06.03 E5/30e1-18-4322.9+ 21-46
74Pete Baumber09.07.05 E2/301-19-2922.6+ 22-31
76Pete Baumber22.07.07E2/301-19-4622.6+ 23-46
77Pete Baumber28.06.08E2/301-21-5422.0+ 22-24
83Pete Baumber05.10.13E2/301-21-5722.0+ 20-06
50 miles men 56Ken Platts31.05.08E2/50c1-42-3629.2 + 52-56
65Andrew Grant (Current National and EA Record)12.05.18E2/50c1-43-3529.0+ 45-03
67Andrew Grant (Current National and EA Record)15.08.20E2/50c1-45-5628.3
70Chris Dyason (Current EA record)12.05.18E2/50c1-56-0225.9+ 37-20
71Chris Dyason (Current EA record)21.07.19E2/50c2-00-5924.8+ 30-56
77Pete Baumber26.07.08E2/502-13-4522.4+ 46-43
100 miles men 59Ken Platts (Club Senior and Current EA Record)26.06.11E2/1003-44-3326.7+ 102-44
65Andrew Grant (Current EA Record )15.07.18B100/43-47-0726.4+ 90-22
66Andrew Grant (Current National and EA Record)14.07.19B100/43-49-0326.2+ 83-32
67Pete Baumber30.08.98B100/84-56-1120.2+ 63-16
69Pete Baumber30.07.00F1/1005-08-2219.5+ 56-25
12 hours men 55Ken Platts (Club Senior and Current EA Record)19.08.07E2/12h283.103m23.6+ 82.13m
58Ken Platts (Current National and EA Record)22.08.10E2/12hr280.67m23.4+ 84.19m
61Ken Platts (Current National and EA Record)17.08.13E2/12275.06m22.9+ 90.49m
66Ted Wells (Current EA Record)12.09.93F1226.79m18.9+ 41.79m
24 hours men 44Bill Clough29.08.93B24398.63m16.6+ 16.56m
46Bill Clough26.08.95B24/1387.10m16.1+ 10.73m
61Pete Baumber21.06.92B24/2360.69m15.0+ 24.52m
10 miles men 53Mick Draper (Club Senior Record)14.06.902y1024-5424.1+ 5-51
60Ken Usher27.05.95C10/125-5423.2+ 6-36
76Ken Usher21.05.1128-2321.1
80John Lindsell22.09.01E2/1035-1117.0+ 2-55
81John Lindsell13.06.02E2/1036-1616.5+ 2-08
85John Lindsell200640-0015.0- 0-22
25 miles men 61Ken Usher (Club Senior Record)20.08.95F1a1-05-2522.9+ 18-19
76Ken Usher11.06.11E2/251-06-4622.5
81John Lindsell01.09.02B25/381-33-0616.1+ 4-09
82John Lindsell17.08.03F1b/251-38-2515.2 - 0-26
83John Lindsell26.09.04F1/251-38-5315.2- 0-23
85John Lindsell24.09.061-40-1315.0- 0-01
30 miles men 68John Lindsell03.06.89E721-25-1921.1+ 20-34
70John Lindsell18.05.91B30/6 1-37-5518.4+ 9-34
71John Lindsell17.05.92B30/61-42-2217.6+ 5-55
72John Lindsell16.06.93B30/61-47-3616.7+ 2-30
80John Lindsell29.09.01E1/301-57-4615.3- 2-00
82John Lindsell27.09.03E1/302-02-1514.7- 4-43
83John Lindsell03.10.04E1/302-12-0813.6- 13-56
50 miles men 61Ken Usher (Club Senior Record)06.08.95F1g2-12-2722.7+ 41-23
63John Lindsell10.06.84F12-32-1819.7+ 24-10
68John Lindsell25.06.89E722-33-0119.6+ 30-10
69John Lindsell16.06.90F12-34-5919.4+ 29-34
72John Lindsell08.08.93F12-44-1918.3+ 24-25
100 miles men 62Ken Usher (Club Senior Record)19974-38-1321.6+ 97-38
63Ken Usher19974-41-3821.3+ 97-03
65John Lindsell17.08.86E395-10-3019.3+ 73-54
66John Lindsell16.08.87E725-17-4118.9+ 69-36
67John Lindsell03.07.88E725-28-2218.3+ 61-49
68John Lindsell02.07.89E725-32-3818.0+ 60-29
70John Lindsell07.07.91F1d5-39-1117.7+ 59-50
72John Lindsell04.07.93F1h5-41-5117.6+ 63-11
12 hours men 65Ken Usher (Club Senior Record)1999239.23m19.9+ 74.11m
67John Lindsell11.09.88F1205.73m17.1+ 36.71m

A Club member age 40 or over can only establish an age record provided no-one older, or of the same age, has claimed a faster time in an official CTT or Cambridge CC club event

Note: Veteran's Standards were revised to lower levels after 2012 and adjusted again after 2018.

Making a claim If you wish to make a claim for a record, send details of the event, date, time and distance by either email to: - or by post to: - Ken Platts, 7 Offa Lea, Newton, Cambridge CB22 7PW. Note that only rides in Official CTT events or Cambridge CC club events qualify.