Cambridge Cycling Club

Club Runs

The Blue Egg. Photo: Ramona Loveridge

Club runs are held every Sunday throughout the year. We meet at Addenbrookes, in the car park to the left of the main entrance on Hills Road ( Newcomers are very welcome to join us for a couple of rides before deciding whether to join the Club. If you would like to try riding with us, please feel free to contact our Club Runs Captain so that you can be put in touch with the right group for you.

Rides are mainly on-road (give or take the odd section of gravel track) and best suited for riders on drop-handlebar road or touring bikes, particularly in the faster groups. Hybrid bikes fitted with relatively narrow tyres (28 – 35 mm width) are used by some riders in the slower groups.

We usually ride between 60 km and 120 km, with the faster groups covering the upper end of this range. There is usually a café stop midway. People are always welcome to join part of a ride and turn back early if they need to do so; our ride leaders should be able to assist in suggesting suitable route options.

Rides usually start at 9am but particularly during hot spells in the summer or frosty days in the winter some groups may start earlier or later, respectively, at the discretion of the ride leader. Because of this we recommend you contact us in advance of joining a ride, though you are always welcome to turn up to join in a ride on the day. We are normally back in Cambridge by about 1 or 2pm.

Riders under 18 are also welcome to join us but must contact us beforehand so that we can make appropriate arrangements to accommodate them. Please see our Juniors page for more information.

The speed of a ride can vary, depending on weather and the route’s terrain. As a rough guide, our groups ride at the following average speeds:

Touring - 22-24 kmph
GT - 23-25 kmph
ST - 24-27 kmph
Intermediate - 26-28 kmph
Sporting - 27-30 kmph
SportingPlus - 30+ kmph

If you are new to road cycling we recommend you join one of the slower groups to start with and move up to a faster group as and when you are ready to do so.

Prospective members might also enjoy this Cycling Weekly article on Ride With Cambridge CC for more information about our Club rides.

The Small Print

While road cycling is generally a relatively safe activity, as with any sport, accidents can happen. We ask that all riders read our risk assessment.
If you are new to group riding and need more information about it, please see our Guide to riding with our Club. We also recommend the Bike Radar video on basic group riding skills and British Cycling’s Top Tips for being a courteous cyclist.

Horses are a common sight on some roads, particularly in the Newmarket area. British Cycling’s Encountering Horses While Bike Riding page has advice on keeping safe.

Cambridge is one of the drier parts of the UK, but during the winter roads can still be wet and muddy, so members are asked to fit mudguards over the winter months as a courtesy to other riders. Full length rear mudguards with a mudflap are particularly encouraged. More information about this and other advice on winter riding can be found in this guide from British Cycling.


Club Insurance does NOT cover claims made against individuals participating in a club ride.
Anyone taking part in a group ride or club run, irrespective of whether they consider another to be the Leader, is responsible for their own actions. It is important to note that a club run is not considered to be a formally led or coached activity, consequently our ride leaders do not need to be qualified and routes are not risk assessed.

Therefore we strongly recommend that participants obtain third party liability insurance either through; British Cycling 0161 274 2000; Cycling UK (also known as the Cyclists Touring Club) 0844 736 8450; a commercial source or as an endorsement to household insurance.

No cover is provided by club insurance if your bike is accidentally damaged or stolen. Household contents insurance MAY provide cover.