Cambridge Cycling Club


David McGaw - Club Record holder at 10, 25 and 50 miles

My name is David McGaw and I have volunteered to become the Cambridge Cycling Club coach.

I've been riding and cycling with various clubs since about 2000. I began by going on club runs before moving on to racing. Some good advice I got when starting out was to explore all disciplines, because you never know what might resonate with you. I have tried road racing, tandem racing, mountain biking, track riding, hill climbs and sportives. They are all great fun, but I really love time trialling and have had some success at that.

In addition to racing I'm also interested in other aspects of cycling: I build my own bikes and wheels and occasionally lead rides and spinning classes. I am a qualified Level 2 British Cycling Coach.

As club coach I'm happy to give up some of my time for free to CCC members who are wanting to get more involved in cycling but are looking for advice or help on getting started. My plan is to set aside a couple of hours a week to help club members.

If you: -

send me an email with some info and I can either help you or find someone who can.