Cambridge Cycling Club


The Club

Cambridge Cycling Club is insured via British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials for organising and managing its normal activities, and this includes club rides.

Club Officers and Officials are also insured when acting on the Club's specific instructions.

The Club also benefits from the cover provided by British Cycling's Professional Indemnity Insurance.

It is important to understand that the Club's Liability Insurance does not cover claims made against individual members.


Club Runs - everyone participating in a group ride or club run, irrespective of whether they consider another to be the Leader, is responsible for their own actions. It is important to note that a club run is not considered to be a formally led or coached activity, consequently our ride leaders are not qualified to lead and routes are not risk assessed.

Time Trials - are run for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials. Although the Club is insured to organise and manage these events, only limited cover is provided to individuals (competitors injuring other competitors or officials during an event).

Therefore we strongly recommend participants in group rides and competitors in time trials obtain third party liability insurance either through a national cycling organisation such as British Cycling or Cycling UK; a commercial source or as an endorsement to household insurance.

The legal and insurance benefits provided by British Cycling membership are here. Be aware of the different levels of cover provided by Ride, Bronze, Race Silver and Race Gold. For example, Bronze membership does not include insurance and Ride membership does not provide insurance when competing in a time trial.

No cover is provided by club insurance should your bike be accidentally damaged or stolen. Household contents insurance MAY provide this cover.

"Buddies" supervising juniors on Club rides

If the "buddy" is a British Cycling Ride, Silver or Gold member their insurance provides cover for riding or wheeling a bike only and for negligence in respect of ‘handling’ of the bike, not for taking responsibility for someone else. For example, if the "buddy" to a junior swerved and collided with the junior, then the member would be covered. However, if the member didn’t notice that the junior had been dropped and the junior subsequently came to some harm because of this, then the "buddy" would not be covered.

Why you need Insurance

British Cycling's Q&A on club and individual insurance