Cambridge Cycling Club



We allow junior members to join clubruns provided they have "signed up" in advance of the ride. Juniors can do this by contacting our Club Runs Captain who will put them in contact with a relevant group.

Guidance for Ride Leaders

Ride Leaders can be assured that the club holds parental consent for junior members.
To comply with British Cycling Best Practice Guidelines ride leaders will appoint a "buddy" to ensure the junior is not left on their own during the ride.

Club Time Trials

To enter our club time trials, juniors will need to join our Club. These events are run for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials whose Regulations demand that juniors wear a properly affixed helmet which must be of hard / soft shell construction. Helmets should conform to a recognised Standard such as SNELL B95, ANSI Z90.4, AUS/NZS 2063:96, DIN 33-954, CPSC or EN 1078. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to select a helmet that offers protection against head injury; does not restrict vision or hearing; is properly fitted, undamaged and in good condition. Additionally, working front and rear lights are required, either flashing or constant, and fitted so that they are clearly visible to other road users.