Cambridge Cycling Club

Time Trialling

Andy Grant - VTTA National Record Holder

Cambridge CC organises and manages Open events (advertised nationally) and Club events (for local riders) on behalf of Cycling Time Trials (CTT). These events are held in accordance with their Regulations.

Here is a CTT article on riding your first time trial.

If you would like to speak to someone contact our Time Trial Secretary.

Open events

We will be sponsoring three open events in 2024 - all events using the A428 at Hardwick. 15 mile on Saturday 27 April 1pm; 50 mile on Saturday 22 June 1pm and 25 mile on Sunday 15 September 9am.

Before submitting an entry to ride any of the above events, there is an obligation on members to offer assistance and to check with the organiser that all marshalling and other necessary duties can be met.

We are also affiliated to the Eastern Counties Cycling Association (ECCA) whose member clubs organise open events in our region.

Club events
Ken Platts - National VTTA record holder

Club events, to which all those age 18 and over are welcome, will be held on Wednesday evenings in 2024 between April and August. We run two classes at these events: time trial bikes and road bikes. To qualify as a road bike, tri-bars, disc and trispoke wheels are not allowed. You may wear a skinsuit and/or aero helmet. Riders must predominantly ride holding the drops or brake hoods.

Those under age 18 who would like to participate will need to be a member of CCC. In addition to the parental consent attached to the membership form, we will need a completed CTT Parental Consent (Club Events Type B) in respect of each event.

These events are free for CCC members. Senior members, in return, agree to help with the organising and marshalling*.

Organisers information can be found on the Legal/Doc Store page.

*Marshalling - Modern traffic conditions make it essential that a marshal should do no more than indicate the precise spot at which a rider should turn or the direction they should take. The responsibility for safely negotiating a turn or any other change of direction will rest with the rider alone.